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Network Security in Alexandria, VA.

Why do I Need Network Security?

The internet creates huge opportunity and risk. When you link up to the internet, you invite every hacker, virus, and spammer to break into your business,all the same you also have a chance to access to a window of opportunity. The best and worst of what the world has to contribute is just a mouse click away. The benefits and risks of the internet accumulate with every linked workingman.

Equal System’s Network Security in Alexandria, VA as a Service enables your business to sustain the advantages of connected development while protecting you, your team, and your data from the threats of being connected to internet.


Network Security Benefits Include:

  • The Next generation Fortigate firewall is always up to date to make a progress with the fast-changing linked world. Our firewalls are like a cyberwatchman for your internet connection. They approve the “finest” in while maintaining the “damaging” out. Our firewalls are automatically managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and our licensed techsmanagethem during normal business hours.
  • Web filtering to make sure that employees are using the internet to business benefit. Web filtering hinder exclusive utilization, sexual harassment, and shields personnel from doing accidental mistakes by clicking on a unfriendly websites. As a business, you are in masteryof what is lawful or barred.
  • Integrated endpoint protection (formerly known as antivirus) saves your cell phone, tablet, desktop computer and other gadgets from viruses, malware, ransomware, and other bugs your computer can catch online. If either of your computers feels “sick” our professionals will be informed and we’ll be on the alert to fix the trouble .
  • Built-in VPN allows you to happily connect to your businesses network anytime and from anywhere that you have a strong Internet connection. It also allows you to access your network on public wifi without worry.
    Management and Monitoring. We head and monitor the proceeding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year utilizing automated tools inspected by licensed professionals.

Fortinet Authorized Partner

For the technically curious,  Equal Systems powers our Network Security solution with Fortinet technology. Fortinet is a market leader delivering High Performance Network Security Solutions that assist you guard your network, staff and data from constantly growing hazards. The diverse product landmark compatible solutions which assist businesses and governments to strengthen stand-alone products, embrace new technologies and proceed with business options while remaining Fortinet Authorized Partner.

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